Charlotte, October 17, 2022 — The 2.0 Collective, a future of work SaaS company that empowers ambitious professionals to manage and customize their careers, announced today it is launching in its first city: Charlotte. This exciting launch is happening during Collective Drive: Charlotte, an after hours career enablement series featuring thought-provoking programming and resources on how to satisfy career aspirations while maintaining a core job, such as a 9-5 or a startup. Attendees are ambitious “everyday” professionals who are drawn to a disruptive environment and the opportunity to meet like-minded people. With a strong focus on actually going to work instead of an all-day conference, this event personifies the core service of The 2.0 Collective: incubating people and their ideas with proper resources and access to senior leaders who get it.

“Through Collective Drive, we are democratizing career advancement and introducing The 2.0 Collective to Charlotte. After 3 years of asking the question of “Why did you move to Charlotte?,” I started asking, “Why stay?” The top answer is Charlotte’s potential,” said founder & CEO Lynn Luong. “But, Charlotteans, including myself and several others that we’ll have on stage, are worried about waiting 10 years for it to disrupt and be what we need. So, we got to work and chose Charlotte as our first city – for its potential and for the ambition that is waiting to be tapped into.”

By showcasing key thought leaders in Charlotte and how willing they are to collaborate, the goal is to level up its ambitious talent to collectively drive Charlotte's advancement and innovation through giving everyday professionals the tools to thrive and diversify in their careers.

The 2.0 Collective upends traditional career advancement and customization through a career management tool that relies on the professional’s unique identity rather than simply recording job titles. The tool also features a resource database tied to those identifiers so that members have access to resources and opportunities they need to make informed decisions when it comes to managing their careers. Another component of the innovative company is each member is paired up with a career strategist, a “Strategist-in-Residence,” who is their first call  when faced with career transitions and woes, helps maneuver office politics, and acts as a soundboard for all their wild ideas. Unlike traditional coaching and career services that cost you thousands, 2.0 likens costs to gym memberships to ensure career-long support.

“The market of career coaching today is too expensive, not done well, and we're just not taught general career navigation & advancement in school,” said COO Garrett Evans. “Everybody is working towards the next version of themselves, or their 2.0. We provide our members with the tools to crush roadblocks and conquer opportunities, it’s what drives us every single day.”

Through boots-on-the-ground outreach, Luong and Evans have been fundraising 2.0’s first round, which will be used to accelerate platform development, on-board talent and facilitate Collective Drive in more cities in 2023.

“We are privileged to bring our tried and true methodology to Charlotte, as this city has been kind to every bright-eyed professional that comes here including myself. Collective Drive is partnering with many staples of Charlotte and offers an amazing opportunity to send a message to the ambitious of Charlotte: We know you’ve got the drive, and we’ve brought the team to help you seize it,” said CCO Alex Elich-Burr.

The Collective Drive houses are empowered by companies that are investing in talent, professional advancement, and want to collectively further Charlotte's growth. Attendees should expect access to coworking spaces, coworking groups for remote workers, and thoughtful connections to jumpstart their projects and career milestones.

About The 2.0 Collective:
The 2.0 Collective enables everyday professionals to manage and diversify their careers through a sustainable support system that they carry throughout their career, from job to job. We utilize machine learning to match unique growth and connection opportunities, customized to each professional’s preferences and values. Through Collective Drive, 2.0 is ensuring the democratization of career advancement to every Charlottean who seeks it out.  

Media Contact
CCO: Alexandra Elich-Burr
Number: (847) 894-8596

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