an after hours
career enablement series

for the people that hate their 9-5...
or want to fall in love with it again.

you've probably been asked upon moving here,


"job, partner, family,
hate the cold, ..."
etc. etc.

but, instead of asking "why come?"

we're asking,


why we're here doesn't matter.
it matters why we stay.

the only way to know why is... how.

it's how we claim charlotte.

we claim it because charlotte has potential

to be like raleigh
to be like nashville
to be like atlanta
to be like austin
to be like miami
to be big
to be tier I
to be bigger than miami, austin, atlanta, nashville, raleigh
to be enough to be called "HOME"

let's show the world why queen city is worth staying for.

charlotte's potential deserves a scrappy, disruptive pipeline of ideas, projects, culture

tapping into charlotte's untapped?

we can't do it without you.

this november 6-11, we're coming together to collectively level up charlotte's potential. be a part of the cultural fabric. be ingrained in the DNA. smash our faces into the concrete that will put charlotte on the map.

show up with your problem opportunity area and/or your big idea – startup, exhibit, service, community, blog, whatever tf has been keeping you up at night –

and we'll make sure access to growth, work, and connection opportunities are there. speakers, problem solvers, potential biz partners, creative space.

this is your sandbox. bring your drive.


and who are we? 

we're a scrappy, ragtag group of ambitious professionals that are d o n e with people having big dreams but never the chance or tools to make them a reality.

learn about how we're building the ultimate career support system for ambitious professionals

interested in sponsoring this event or sharing your business at this event?

ambitious professionals need affordable, attainable career-long support. we're always looking for sponsors and opportunity partners to help us build faster and better. if you have a service/product that would empower professionals to do their best work, become a partner!

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